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Brief Introduction to CEAIE

    The Chinese Education Association for International Exchange(CEAIE)was founded in July 1981. It is a nation-wide, non-governmental organization for overseas educational exchange. As an NGO, CEAIE registers with Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People 's Republic of China, as well as with the United Nations.

CEAIE emphasizes basic ( K-12), vocational / technical, adult, ethnic, special education, local higher education (at provincial level ), and establishes extensive working relations. CEAIE plays a role of coordinating its work with 27 provincial-level education associations for international exchange and 7 municipal level affiliates as well as 74 member institutions. The CEAIE alone has established cooperative relations with more than one hundred similar non-government organizations in 23 countries and regions.

Major Areas of Work:
(1)promotion of linkages between Chinese educational institutions with their counterparts abroad;

(2)conducting courses or refresh courses in language studies, vocational / technical education and adult education programs etc.;

(3)sponsoring international conferences and seminars on education;

(4)undertaking projects entrusted by the Chinese government;

(5)Arranging employment of foreign teachers and specialists to teach in China;

(6)Receiving groups of international educators and students on study tours;

(7)Compiling and publishing books and reference materials relating to educational exchange;

(8)Assisting local CEAIE associations and member institutions to promote educational exchange with counterparts overseas.

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