Ambassador He Xiangdong attended the Opening Reception of the Dublin Chinese New Year Festival

On January 23rd, the opening reception of the Dublin Chinese New Year Festival 2020 was launched in the center of Dublin city. Chinese Ambassador He Xiangdong and his wife Mme. Xia Lining, Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin Tom Brabazon and Dublin City Council Chief Executive Owen P.Keegan attended the grand opening ceremony. Nearly 300 people attended this get-together to celebrate the year of the Rat.

In his speech, Ambassador He expressed his New Year greetings to the people in Dublin and Ireland. He said that China and Ireland are not only sharing the spirit of the Spring Festival, which is an ancient but living cultural heritage, but also find a common ground in cherishing family values, being well known for hospitality, and enjoying a renowned civilization. He continued that the Chinese community in Ireland, as Irish immigrants elsewhere in the world, have become envoys for mutual understanding and friendship between their residing country and their motherland.

Ambassador He said that as the first of all zodiac animals and the symbolic one for the year 2020, the Rat signals a new beginning. China and Ireland will enjoy a new beginning with a future brighter than ever.

Deputy Lord Mayor Brabazon and Dublin City Council Chief Executive Keegan mentioned in their remarks that the Dublin Chinese New Year celebrations are among the biggest in Europe, and more than 25000 people are expected to attend this year’s two-week festive events. They said that cultural exchange between the Chinese and Irish people have been promoted through platforms like this Festival.