Ambassador He visited OCSC Dublin and met with Chinese students

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Ambassador He Xiangdong and his wife Mme. Xia Lining visited the Overseas Chinese Service Centre (OCSC) in Dublin and OCSC Chinese School to send holiday wishes to the Chinese community in Ireland.


Director of OCSC briefed their work of providing emergency relief for the Chinese in Ireland. Ambassador He expressed his appreciation for their efforts in protecting legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese community and providing assistance to the overseas Chinese. He hopes the Chinese community continue to unite and help each other, respect the Irish laws and regulations and contribute to the friendship between China and Ireland.

During the discussion with teachers of OCSC Chinese School, Ambassador He encouraged them to overcome difficulties and provide Chinese language education service to the Chinese community. Ambassador He and Mme. Xia also observed classrooms, donated books to the students and encouraged them to continue studying Chinese, inherit and carry forward Chinese culture.


When attending the "First Class of the New Semester" for the CSSA students, Ambassador He encouraged the students to learn history, culture and society of Ireland while working hard in their major discipline. He hopes the students would become not only specialists in their own study area, by also masters of thought, and civil diplomats promoting China-Ireland friendship.

Ambassador He also attended Awarding Ceremony of the Confucius Cup Go and Chinese Chess Tournament hosted by the Confucius Institute of University College Dublin. Ambassador He said that he was very glad to see that Chinese chess and Go were loved by so many Irish friends. Chinese chess and Go are intelligence sports and also carriers of the Chinese culture. Chinese chess and Go lovers of the two countries shall make friends by playing game and help push forward cultural exchanges between the two countries.