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Ambassador Dr. Yue Xiaoyong visited Cork City

On 12 September, H.E. Dr. Yue, Chinese Ambassador visited Cork and met Mr. Finn, the Lord Mayor of the city. Also present were Mr. Shen Mingchun, Chief of the Political and Press Section of Chinese Embassy, Ms. Ann Doherty, Chief Executive of Cork, Mr. Patrick Ledwidge, Director of Services, Strategic Planning, Economic Development and Enterprise and Mr. Seamus Coghlan, Head of Economic Development from Cork City Council.

Mr. Finn briefed the latest development of Cork-Shanghai twinningship and exchanges and cooperation between the two cities as well as their people. They have established regular personnel exchange and cooperative programmes in various fields. He also appreciated China's remarkable new progress since the Reform and Opening-up.

Ambassador Yue appreciated Mr.Finn's informative briefing and willingness to cooperate with Chinese local governments including Shanghai, encouraged the City Council to continue contributing to the Sino-Irish bilateral relations. He also showed the Lord Mayor the achievement since President Xi's proposing Belt and Road Initiative in 2013 and China's readiness to mutual beneficially work with Ireland under the BRI framework.

Both agreed to make joint effort for more fruitful cooperation between the two countries.

Ambassador Yue also met with visiting trainees from Shanghai metropolitan city government in Cork for medical planning system after meeting with the Lord Mayor.

In the same day, Ambassador Yue met with local Chinese communities and encouraged them to do more contributions to China’s development and China-Ireland friendship.

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